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Takuma Kawakami

Structural Engineer, Computational Architect, Takenaka Corporation

As a specialist in computational design, Takuma Kawakami has been working in the several architectural projects since joined Takenaka Corporation. He also has extensive experience in the structural design of architecture and software development. He received his Master degree in Architectural Engineering from Kyoto University.




Application of modeFRONTIER to architectural design and engineering
Industries [Civil Infrastructure]
Sala Vulcania, Wed, 23/05/2018 - 14:30 - 14:50

In most architectural projects, designers and engineers repeat manual trials and errors to get solutions that satisfy various conditions or requirements. There are problems that manual repetition work takes a lot of time and causes mistakes, and that obtained solutions are not convincing. This presentation will introduce several cases where application of modeFRONTIER realizes a considerable shortening of examination time, obtain better
solutions which could not be obtained manually, and gain persuasiveness of the solutions.

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