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Stefano Fiorindo

Engineer, Idrostudi srl

Stefano Fiorindo holds a M.Sc in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Trieste, Italy. His Master Thesis was entitled “The Water Distribution Systems sectorization: an innovative approach based on genetic algorithms and modularity concept” and was developed under the supervision of Prof. Luigino Zovatto in collaboration with Idrostudi Srl. In 2017 he was granted a fellowship by the AREA Science Park of Trieste for the R&D and scientific training activities. He currently works at Idrostudi Srl performing advanced methodologies for the Water Distribution Systems management.


Automatic Optimization of The Water Supply Networks Segmentation in District Metered Areas
Industries [Civil Infrastructure]
Sala Vulcania, Wed, 23/05/2018 - 15:10 - 15:30

The Water Distribution Systems (WDS) are strategic infrastructures that supply water to cities, industries, and agriculture. The water networks usually have an hyperconnected layout in order to ensure that the water demand of every user is always satisfied, but such redundant configuration makes the water leakages identification and the emergency acting in case of accidental contamination or bursts more complex. In the recent years a novel approach based on network segmentation in DMA (District Metered Areas) was proposed in the literature, providing important benefits in terms of infrastructure management, but with potential drawbacks in terms of system reliability if not well designed. A novel automatic optimization approach for the water supply network segmentation has been implemented using the ModeFrontier platform, allowing to overcome the classic trial and error approach. The innovative approach evaluates multiple configurations of flowmeters and closing valves locations along the water supply network providing the user a set of solutions that maximize both the system management efficiency and the network reliability. The successful application to a real case of study has proven the capability of the methodology for the optimal WDS segmentation.

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